My name is Sammie and this is my blog about working towards my dream to become and English Teacher in Japan and then to live there indefinitely.
Once I get there, this blog will change from getting to Japan, to living in Japan.
Please look forward to it!

About me:

Name: Sammie
Age: 21 (currently)
Birthday: December 20th of 1989
Blood Type: AB-
Astrology Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: Snake
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, translating, Japanese, calligraphy, music
Favourite Music: Phantasmagoria (Japanese) and Disturbed (English)

A person I look up to is Kisaki from UNDERCODE PRODUCTIONS. He’s shown that you can go from nothing and make something and to follow your dream so that you can always do what you love.

I love UNDERCODE PRODUCTIONS and the music that they produce there. I’m a big fan of Visual Kei, and my favourite vocalist of all time is Riku who is currently in a band called 凛[Lin/Rin] -End of World Corruption-
But my favourite band will always be Phantasmagoria.

Other than living in Japan, one of my other dreams is to talk to Riku about how he writes his lyrics. Even if it’s for a short time, I want to know what inspires him since he inspires me in my drawings and writing all the time.

http://nihongoup.com/?referrer=kamikenji Please Refer me!

Learn Japanese the fun way | NihongoUp


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