It’s a random update

In about 2 weeks I’m going to be leaving for Japan.

I am a little concerned however after having a brief accident with my knee.

Here’s a little lesson for you. Take it easy on caffeine and other things that have been proven to stunt your growth. I’m currently 5’3″ (160 CM) and I should have been taller. Because I didn’t grow, and my doctor told me that because of the way your legs grow, I have an extremely high risk for dislocation in my knees.

Basically, my bones in my legs didn’t do a complete rotation from what I understand and now my kneecaps are way far off to the side.

About 2 days ago when I was going to call and check on my money and what not, I guess I sat down in my computer chair wrong because I felt my kneecap slip out for a brief moment right after the lady answered the phone. I hung up saying something stupid like, “Please let me call you back, I think I just broke my leg,” and now I get to check on it tomorrow.

But luckily it isn’t as bad as last time. Last time it took 6 whole months before I could even start to move my leg. I’ve been able to move it since then, but I have a really uneasy feeling about it. It doesn’t feel right, but it doesn’t hurt, but it feels like it could slip again. Being 2 weeks away from my trip, I’m really trying to take it easier. So I’ve been using crutches and trying to stay off of it.

Today however, was Arizona’s Matsuri Festival and it was the first time that I had ever gone. I was excited to be going since my friend, Henry, had told me that there are Japanese speaking people there. I wanted to use my Japanese so badly.
I wore my Kimono that I bought in Japan the last time I was there as well. Putting it on was…difficult to say the least. Especially when I had to get to the obi!
I wasn’t too far off though, because when I asked one of the ladies at the clothing shops if she could help she only took a few seconds to tighten it (I cheated and had it loose so I could tie it in the front then flip it) and she redid the bow. She said that for my first time tying an obi that I did well. Which made me happy to hear.

It’s a simple Kimono, but that’s just fine by me.

I was also asked so many times to take pictures with people, or for professional photographers that I forgot that I was wearing a brace underneath for my knee and just felt a lot better than I had been feeling prior. A lot of them were amused that I had taken some of the look of Visual Kei and had incorporated it into traditional Japanese wear, but let’s face it, I can’t pass as a traditional Japanese woman! I’m as white as they come and I’m blonde again! Haha. But I love the look of both. Kimono are gorgeous, and Visual Kei is wonderful, why not put them together in a way?
I have some more pictures on my phone of just the look, but I am waiting to see if I find some more pictures online from the website or from the photographers who gave me their cards.

If I see some more, I’ll be sure to post them here.

I was pleased however that I was on my knee for 5 hours today, and only 2 days after the injury and there was no pain and that weird feeling only came near the end. It seems like a good sign and I am hoping that the 2 weeks before going to Japan will be plenty of time for it to make a full recovery. Though there is a little part of me that will probably keep the brace on out of fear.

I really don’t want to get a knee surgery at 21, but it seems like the day might be drawing nearer.

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One Response to It’s a random update

  1. PK... says:

    That sucks … knee issues are never good.

    But hey, try to catch as much rest as you can before you go… you’ll need that knee for all the walking you’ll be doing when you get there.

    If I don’t see you before you leave, I’ll see you when you get back. Take lots of pictures & bring back lots of stories.

    See ya!


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