A Thing Called: Weeaboos

I’m sure that if you’re interested in Japan and Japanese culture that you’ve heard or have been called a “Weeaboo” once or twice in your life.

For one thing: I don’t think that this is a term that should be taken as a compliment.


A Weeaboo (based off of what I’ve seen) is someone who isn’t honestly interested in Japanese culture. Sure they might have some interest in Japan and its people, but what it seems like they are most interested in is Anime and Manga.

For those who might not know; Anime is basically Japanese cartoons and Manga are usually what Anime are based off of because they are comic books.

People who are “Weeaboos” are Non-Japanese people who are basically in love with Anime, Manga and Costume Playing (Cosplay for short) and are usually considered strange by most people.

I’ve heard from someone before that, “Everyone in Japan Cosplays and loves Anime and Manga! They look like that everyday!”

First off, I didn’t think this ever.
Second off, no people in Japan don’t cosplay everyday. The Japanese are normal people like you and I. Sometimes we’re thousands of miles away from the Japanese, or any other nationality for that matter, but in the end we’re all the same. They go to work, they have their cheaters, they have their Samaritans, they have their criminals, they have crooked politicians and so on so fourth. Anime is just Cartoons to them. Just like how Looney Toons or Tom and Jerry was for Americans.
Japan also has their own group of “Weeaboos” which are called おたく [Otaku] which are the people who love Anime, Manga, Cosplay and so on and geek out about it.

There are people here who I have heard use Otaku as a nick name among their friends. They even go around online and type, “Otaku desu <3” everywhere.

Otaku is not as positive thing. Otaku are not looked well upon in Japan. My Sensei has said this, so have my Japanese friends, and when I saw some girls getting off a plane after landing in Narita in full cosplay, they got more than enough stares, giggles and I heard several people say, “Well they’re strange aren’t they?” and a few mutters of, “Stupid Foreigners thinking that an Otaku is a respectable thing.”

My point to this entry is not to scare you off of wanting to go to Japan, or loving Anime, Manga, and Cosplay. My point is to inform people that the term “Otaku” is the Japanese equivalent to “Weeaboo.”

People are Non-Japanese are usually ok with being called, “Otaku” but not “Weeaboo.”

Really, they are practically the same.

By all means, if you love Anime, or anything for that matter, don’t let a title stop you! Live your life how you enjoy it, but please be informed before calling yourself by a title.
It’s just like how we say those popular girls are, “Preps” instead of just saying “Popular.” Last time I checked, being a “Prep” wasn’t something you wanted to be called.
Same thing for Weeaboo and Otaku.

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